A Framework for Connection, Freedom, Unity and Abundance

This is a framework for unpacking how various emotions relate to connection vs disconnection. It’s a visual arrangement to help us recognise what emotional states (or energetic frequencies) are synonymous with the state of disconnection. This is how I make sense of it, and I invite you to take what resonates and discard what doesn’t.

Disconnection is a state of lack.

Connection is our natural state.

Connection is a unified, loving state, whereas disconnection is rooted in division, separation, hate, and fear. We cannot love & fear at the same time. We can't be in denial and liberated at the same time. We can't hate and feel empowered at the same time. It is not an empowered state, at best it is pseudo-power. We also blame when we don’t feel powerful. Blame perpetuates our own powerlessness because it comes from a space of putting our emotional wellness into the hands of others, which we cannot control. This is why victims can self-blame, as it gives them a sense of control*. When we blame, we forfeit our responsibility to create. When we deceive others, we reinforce our own sense of isolation & the need to self-preserve. (*To be clear, a perpetrator is a victim too, a perpetrator lacks connection and is running the energy of powerless victimhood.)

We lie when we don’t feel safe to tell the truth. We don’t commit violence from a space of loving connection, we don’t judge others or act self-righteously from a space of higher awareness and empathy. We hoard from a mind-set of lack. We act with greed from a space of lack and disconnection.

This is not synonymous with creating freedom, they are two different energetic frequencies.

You cannot create true abundance if your mindset is rooted in lack. You cannot create loving connection if your mindset is rooted in fear and self-preservation. You cannot create empowerment if your actions are coming from a space of control which comes from a mindset rooted in fear. The energy of disconnection cycles itself, it doesn’t align to connection. If I’m afraid of you, I can’t trust you or connect with you. If you want abundance but aren't connected, it will be empty. If you want connection with someone but are trying to control them, you are approaching getting your needs met in a way that is not a vibrational match to the outcome you desire. You cannot trust & control at the same time, so when we are very controlling it indicates we are avoiding something we feel we cannot handle, a fear-based trauma program in need of our loving presence.

The actions we take with a lack-based mindset will only perpetuate more of the lack-based mindset.

When we resent others, when we feed our hate, when we make choices for personal gain at the expense of others, we are actually feeding our own sense of discomfort & unhappiness. We are strengthening the neural pathways in our brain that tell us we are not safe. We cannot be a vibrational match to feeling freedom or empowered or loving connection.

It is important to scrutinise our motives for wanting to do what we are telling ourselves we want to do. Are we taking action from a space of having to prove something (which is rooted in fear and separation) or to experience the joys as we watch the unfolding of our own creation.

Any time we need to outshine or compete with other people, our mentality has its genesis in lack and division.

Choices we make from a space set up the parameters and vibrational foundation for the energetic frequency we will dance with. Therefore if our desired outcome is peace and harmony, we need a vibrational foundation rooted in inclusion and caring about every party involved. When we apply this to business, if we seek fame and fortune, we need to be honest and look at the mindset fuelling that, is it working for you or against you? When we apply this to relationships, we need to look at what we consciously want (such as intimacy and emotional safety) and see if our actions, attitudes and vibration line up with our desire.

We are being called right now to uproot our sense of security. It is currently rooted in disconnection and external factors such as money. We are being called to re-align and place our sense of security in our state of connection. Connection to ourselves, each other, the planet and the natural world. We won’t get very far otherwise. The more we move into unity consciousness, the safer, more liberated and more connected we will feel.


Whenever I rise above my need to be right, or my need to be attached to my own pain-story and instead connect to my heart, I find so much warmth, safety and security. I shed the old paradigm of having to do. Whether that’s having to compete, having to grind to survive, having to prove, having to [fill in the blank] etc.

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